JTG #34 SIBO Made Simple With Author & Chef Phoebe Lapine

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Hi, I’m Caroline Dalia Kaliani, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Herbal Medicine Mama & formulator of a botanical skincare line for rosacea.

A few years ago, I launched this free educational platform called Journey to Glow.

The goal? To explore natural, holistic and effective solutions for skin “issues”.

In my quest to share the effectiveness of natural medicine, I interviewed over 75+ holistic skin experts (Functional Medicine Practitioners, Naturopathic NDs, Holistic Nutritionists, Integrative Dermatologists, and Ayurvedic doctors…) as well as dozens of womxn who fully healed rosacea.

The Journey To Glow podcast reached over 100,000 listeners and received hundreds of 5 stars reviews in 30 different countries. But the best part? Were the weekly emails from listeners and readers who shared they have regained hope that they could heal their skin!

Mission accomplished!

After years of making the episodes available for free on mainstream podcast platforms, we are now rethinking how we want this information to be accessed.

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Botanical Skincare For Rosacea

Experience the healing properties of pure, plant botanicals infused in skin-nourishing, organic oils formulated specifically for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.

JTG #34 SIBO Made Simple With Phoebe Lapine + A New Podcast Segment On Supplements For Clear Glowing Skin

In this episode of the Journey To Glow podcast, we talk to author, chef, podcast host and super fun gal Phoebe Lapine of SIBO Made Simple.

We also have a new segment called “Caroline Loves” where I share my favorite supplements for clear & glowing skin. This segment is the first of 3 parts, so make sure you subscribe to the podcast!

You can also read my comprehensive blog post on supplements to support skin health here.


Phoebe Lapine is a food and health writer, gluten-free chef, wellness personality, culinary instructor, award-winning blogger, recipe developer, Hashimoto’s advocate, podcast host and speaker, born and raised in New York City, where she continues to live and eat.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Phoebe spent most of her mid-twenties getting on board with the health hand she was dealt, and using her professional experience in the kitchen to heal her body with kale-packed comfort food.

Her debut memoir, The Wellness Project, chronicles her journey with Hashimotos Thyroiditis and how she finally found the middle ground between health and hedonism by making one lifestyle change, one month at a time. It’s part memoir, part wellness primer (with 20 recipes), and it’s her hope that the story offers those who feel overwhelmed by health to-do’s a real road map for healing–or, at least one that doesn’t involve doing all of the above all at once.

On her award-winning blog, Feed Me Phoebe, she shares recipes for healthy comfort food, insights about balanced lifestyle choices beyond what’s on your plate, and all the reasons why kale margaritas are better than no margaritas at all. In 2013, Food & Wine magazine named the site as one of the top food blogs in their first ever Digital Awards. Saveur also nominated Feed Me Phoebe as one of the Best Special Interest Blogs in their 2015 Food Blog Awards.

 phoebe lapine journey to glow podcast interview

In this episode, Phoebe Lapine and Journey To Glow host Caroline Frenette explore:

  • Phoebe’s Wellness Project which became a book
  • Simple but high impact changes you can make to your diet
  • 3 things to remove from your diet that will have an almost overnight impact on your energy + health
  • The foods Phoebe gave up that cleared her recurring perioral dermatitis in 3 weeks (and it never came back)
  • How Phoebe discovered she had SIBO
  • Are SIBO tests reliable?
  • Should you test for SIBO if you don’t have the symptoms?
  • How to pinpoint the root cause of your SIBO
  • The link between SIBO and rosacea
  • Phoebe’s health team and how to create your own team of health allies

Links & Resources

1. Phoebe’s website phoebelapine.com

2. Follow Phoebe on Instagram

3. Body Unburdened on Facebook

4. Get The Welllness Project book on Amazon

5. Caroline’s interview with New York Times bestselling author Annie Grace on the 30 Day Alcohol Experiment

6. Interview with Naturopathic doctor Lynne Racette on how to buy quality supplements

7. Functional testing and the GIMAP with Sara Korzeniewski

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