JTG #48 Rosacea No More: A Miraculous Skin Transformation With Author & Spiritual Teacher Georgie Holbrook

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Functional Nutrition & Herbal Medicine For Rosacea

As a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Skin Herbalist, Certified Advanced Transformative Coach, and someone who’s personally been on a rosacea healing journey, I’m equipped to work with clients in a unique capacity.

My approach – which is personalized and designed to support each of my clients’ bio-individuality – enables me to get to the root cause(s) that brings about skin inflammation.

Once we’ve pinpointed the possible root causes (emotional, physical, or environmental), we work to support the body back into balance, so it can heal itself.

The result? Clear, glowing skin.

*Special announcement about the podcast*

Hi, I’m Caroline Dalia Kaliani, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Herbal Medicine Mama & formulator of a botanical skincare line for rosacea.

A few years ago, I launched this free educational platform called Journey to Glow.

The goal? To explore natural, holistic and effective solutions for skin “issues”.

In my quest to share the effectiveness of natural medicine, I interviewed over 75+ holistic skin experts (Functional Medicine Practitioners, Naturopathic NDs, Holistic Nutritionists, Integrative Dermatologists, and Ayurvedic doctors…) as well as dozens of womxn who fully healed rosacea.

The Journey To Glow podcast reached over 100,000 listeners and received hundreds of 5 stars reviews in 30 different countries. But the best part? Were the weekly emails from listeners and readers who shared they have regained hope that they could heal their skin!

Mission accomplished!

After years of making the episodes available for free on mainstream podcast platforms, we are now rethinking how we want this information to be accessed.

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Thank you for listening and for being on the journey with us!

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JTG #48 Rosacea No More: A Miraculous Skin Transformation With Author & Spiritual Teacher Georgie Holbrook

In this episode of the Journey To Glow podcast, I talk to Georgie Holbrook about a natural cure to rosacea and exploring emotional traumas as a path to healing. Georgie has an incredibly inspiring journey to glow and I’m so glad she agreed to come on the podcast to openly share everything she tried to heal her skin and what she did to completely cure her rosacea.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you know that we have covered SO MUCH already about trigger foods, the elimination diet, gut health, hormonal balance, the importance of non-toxic skincare and getting a handle on stress.

After interviewing over 50+ Skin Healing experts in different fields from naturopathy, holistic dermatology, nutrition and functional medicine, I knew that I wanted to take a different direction for season 3 of the podcast so we could dive deeper into what it really takes to experience FULL AND COMPLETE skin healing.

Many of you write to me and leave reviews on iTunes (thank you!) sharing that you’ve tried all-of-the-things on your journey to glow but have yet to reap the full rewards of your hard work.

Well, this conversation with Georgie will invite you to shift how you view your skin and the messages she has for you.

An important message…

I am well aware of the amount of absolute garbage on YouTube and the world wide web, videos from influencers making irresponsible and often false claims “I CLEARED MY SKIN IN 24 HOURS” or “MIRACULOUS SKINCARE PRODUCTS” or “THE MIRACLE CURE TO…” to drive traffic to their channel, channels that are monetized with ads or are paid sponsorship of a product they want to sell you.

Journey To Glow and this interview is not that.

It’s never been our message to promise magical cures.

There are no shortcuts on your skin healing journey. Anyone that sells you overnight results, miracle skincare products, and magical cures is lying.

I started Journey To Glow SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE I was sick of all the BS I was finding online and wanted to create an educational platform sharing all the resources I found, resources from trustworthy holistic skin experts that were helping me on my journey to healing rosacea.

So, I just wanted to clarify my intention here mainly because I have NEVER used the word “cured” in any of my videos, articles or social media posts specifically because I want to stay away from sensationalism and false information. My language has always been about “healing” meaning IT’S A PROCESS, not a magical pill.

But in this specific case, Georgie did cure her skin, so “cure” is 100% accurate. I’m consciously choosing the word “cure” to challenge old beliefs that rosacea is “incurable” which is a total lack of understanding of the human body’s true capacity to heal. More on that in this podcast episode…

About our guest:

Georgie Holbrook has made it her mission to teach others how to heal their hidden traumas, and learn prevention, so that they can start living a life that they are passionate about without fear of old patterns returning. She has the unique ability to uncover the emotions behind health issues and poor self-esteem in others, see them as a sacred language and then interpret them. Once the sacred language is addressed, spoken to, sung to, and even drawn, healing can begin.

Georgie is a sacred sound specialist, emotional wellness mentor, spiritual guide, holistic educator, and author of four self-help books. Her self-healing story of completely healing from a disfiguring disease by addressing the emotions behind that disease has been published in 23 national magazines. She has held a private practice for over 20 years, and is a songwriter and musician, who uses sacred sounds as a way of devotion, healing and praise.

To dive deeper into a functional approach to healing rosacea, emotional healing + skincare for rosacea, please visit our sister website: healrosaceanaturally.com

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Radiantly Clear Rosacea & Demodex Skincare System

I created my own line of botanical skincare because I couldn't find anything on the market that met my standards for clean beauty AND addressed the needs of sensitive, rosacea skin.

The Radiantly Clear Rosacea / Demodex Botanical Skincare System contains 5 products, each formulated with pure plant botanicals that support the healing of inflamed rosacea skin while making the skin's microbiome unfavorable to Demodex mites and breakouts.


1. “What is we asked our skin what she needs to heal?”

2. “What if our emotions hold a key to healing?”

3. “Learn to work with the body instead of suppressing it.”


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Taught by Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Skin Herbalist Caroline Dalia Kaliani, CLEAR is a one-of-a-kind online + group coaching program for women who want to heal rosacea holistically.

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