JTG #37 Corneotherapy & Rosacea with Skin Expert Robyn McAlpine Author of Skinside-Out


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JTG #37 Corneotherapy & Rosacea with Skin Expert Robyn McAlpine Author of Skinside-Out

In this episode of the Journey To Glow podcast we talk about corneotherapy and rosacea with skin expert and author of Skinside-Out Robyn McAlpine.

We also start with a segment called “Caroline Loves” where I share some of my favorite holistic beauty books and a digital course for acne sufferers The Skin Rebalancing Protocol created by Healthy Skin Glows Sara Sumic.

About our guest

Robyn McAlpine, Expert Skin Therapist, is an author, speaker and practicing corneotherapist.

A self-confessed skin nerd, Robyn loves dispelling skin myths and breaking down the beauty industry hype with skin science and common sense, to prevail over fad beauty treatments and ‘miracle’ skincare products

Her career began in beauty therapy well over a decade ago and her unbridled curiosity lead her to study the principles corneotherapy, focusing on skin anatomy and physiology of skin cells and their function. This fueled her passion for skin health and she adapts these methodologies into practice at SkintifiX, her skin clinic based in Newcastle, NSW.

When not saving skins or creating the best facials on the planet, Robyn loves to travel off the beaten track, hike through the bush, climb mountains and connect with new friends and old.

In this episode, Journey To Glow host Caroline Frenette and Robyn McAlpine talk about:

1. What is corneotherapy and how it’s different than most approach to healing the skin

2. How Robyn’s passion started and evolved into a thriving business helping women feel good about their skin

3. Why understanding the skin’s microbiome is crucial to skin health

4. The different factors that impact our skin and the role of a corneotherapist

5. Why not all skincare is skin care

6. Skin types and skin conditions

7. How to treat dehydrated skin

8. A corneotherapist’s view on rosacea

9. What is LED therapy

10. Why Robyn suggests doing an advanced skin analysis with a corneotherapist or skin expert

11. The impact of stress on our skin

12. How being busy does not have to equal a feeling of “busy-ness”

13. How to bring back presence and the importance of slowing down on our journey to glow

14. The corneotherapy approach to treating rosacea

15. Understanding rosacea skin and what’s happening at the cell level

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Links & Resources

1. Robyn’s website skintifix.com.au

2. Follow Robyn on Instagram

3. Skintifix on Facebook

4. Sara Sumic’s The Skin Rebalancing Protocol online course

5. Caroline’s 15 Favorite Holistic Beauty & Wellness Books

6. Watch the video: 5 Changes I Made That Had A Huge Impact On My Skin

7. Listen to episode #10 Acne Skincare with Sara Sumic Of Healthy Skin Glows

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