JTG #19  Part 2 —  What Does Green Beauty Really Mean With International Makeup Artist Kristen Arnett

You’ll find Part 1 of my conversation with Kristen here: episode #18.

About our guest…

A rare hybrid in the beauty industry, Kristen Arnett, has a unique expertise in “green” and a career that’s spanned working as an international makeup artist, educator, writer, speaker, product developer and brand consultant (in both English and Italian languages) over the past 20 years.

She’s been called a “Green Leader” by ELLE Magazine, a “Top Eco Influencer” by Eileen Fisher and a “Natural Beauty Guru” by Whole Living.

A highly sought after makeup artist in her own right, Kristen is one of the few in the world working with non-toxic, natural and organic makeup. She delivers high-performance results that help keep clients’ skin looking spectacular under any circumstance — garnering praise from celebrities, top models and regular women alike.

Her immensely popular (former) site Green Beauty Team, was the first of its kind to offer natural beauty solutions and practical advice from a pro’s perspective and became known as a whistle-blower of greenwashing brands.

In her one-on-one Healthy Beauty Lessons and her infamous, viral makeup tutorial “Makeup Tips for Women Over 50”, Kristen shares unique makeup techniques she developed for older women to look as youthful and radiant as possible – without piling on tons of makeup or needing invasive procedures.

Her commitment to healthy beauty goes far beyond the superficial. Kristen manages to slide in doses of feel-good, self-esteem-boosting practices as a way to address beauty from the inside out, and to help women honor, respect, and reclaim their beauty and well-being

Whether it’s appearing on television, hosting workshops or speaking at events, Kristen is passionately committed to helping people live more vibrantly through conscious choices in beauty.

In this episode, Kristen Arnett  and Journey To Glow host Caroline Frenette explore:

  • Why you should care about green beauty
  • What is greenwashing
  • Being anti, anti-aging>
  • Kristen’s experience of being at the forefront of the green beauty movement while working as a professional makeup artist in NY
  • How a faithful moment working with May Lindstrom changed Kristen’s approach to makeup
  • Makeup and skincare brands Kristen trusts and why
  • Resources to help you clean up your makeup bag and beauty cabinet

If you’ve enjoyed this episode of the Journey To Glow podcast you’ll enjoy part one of my ocnversation with Kristen episode #18.

Links & Resources

1. Kristen’s website kristenarnett.com

2. Get the Toss The Toxins guide kristenarnett.com/freebies

3. Over 50 Makeup Tutorial Using Natural Cosmetics on Youtube

4. Kristen’s Instagram instagram.com/kristenarnettbeauty

5. Half The Sky documentary halftheskymovement.org

6. Giving back journeytoglow.com/giving-back

Beauty Brands We Talked About

*Some links are affiliate links which means that we may make a small comission from the sale of products purchased through our link. This enables us to create free podcast episodes and quality content for the Journey To Glow community.


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The Detox Market USA

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Caroline’s favorite for dry skin Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm

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