JTG #14 Re-Writing Your Skin Story With The Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Wood

Have you ever stopped to think about how your inner dialogue can impact your skin? In this podcast episode, my guest The Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Wood helps us see how our how perfectionism and holding on to our skin stories can hinder our healing progress.

About my guest…

Hayley’s mission is to help increase people’s self worth and confidence through their individuality and unique inner qualities.  She strives to empower her clients to feel good in their skin by shifting their language and beliefs. She discourages perfectionism, and instead, encourages individuals to listen to their skin and embrace the messages their body is communicating. Hayley Wood is licensed esthetician and she launched The Therapeutic Skin Coach in 2014.

In this episode, Hayley Wood and Journey To Glow host Caroline Frenette explore:

  1. Connecting the dots beneath between skin and emotions
  2. Simplifying our skincare routine based on our skin’s needs and budge
  3. What is intuitive skincare and how can you practice it
  4. What is Gua Sha
  5. What kind of stones to choose and how much they cost
  6. How to shop smartly for skin care beauty products

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Hayley Wood The Therapeutic Skin Coach 

Links & Resources

1. Hayley’s website therapeuticskincoach.com

2. Connect with Hayley on Instagram instagram.com/therapeuticskincoach

3. Shop The Detox Market Canada 

4. Shop The Detox Market USA 

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