JTG #28 My 30-Day Celery Juice Cleanse, Skin Reaction to Celery Juice & Can Celery Juice Heal Rosacea

I’ve had so many questions on Instagram about my 30-day celery juice cleanse that I wanted to share all of the details (the good, the bad and the ugly) and answer all of your questions in this podcast episode.

This is a follow up to a blog post I published on the topic of celery juice and how a 30-day celery juice challenge turned into a huge skin crisis. If you’d like to read the post and see the before and after pictures of my skin, as well as what my skin looked like in full-blown crisis mode, click here.

In this episode, I talk about my 30-day celery juice cleanse, specifically:

  • Why I wanted to do a 30-day celery juice cleanse
  • My goals for this celery juice challenge
  • What my skin looked like before the 30-day celery juice cleanse and after
  • My goals and expectations
  • What exactly is a cleanse
  • Which foods I remove during a cleanse
  • Why I wanted to include celery juice in this cleanse
  • The benefits of celery juice
  • Can celery juice really heal your skin
  • Setting the right expectations
  • What happened during the 30-day celery juice cleanse
  • What I did when my skin went into crisis mode
  • Why I wouldn’t do a 30-day celery juice cleanse again
  • Can celery juice heal rosacea?

My skin before the celery juice challenge, during & 6 months later

January 1st 2019 (pre-celery juice cleanse)

January 15th 2019 (my skin crisis 5 days into the celery juice cleanse)

June 2019 (rosacea 6 months after the cleanse)

Read the blog post:
My 30-Day Celery Juice Challenge

I wrote a comprehense blog post documenting my entire celery juice challenge.

In this blog post I share:

  1. Why I wanted to do a celery juice experiment⁣
  2. ⁣What I ate during my 30-day cleanse⁣
  3. What I did when my skin started to freak out⁣
  4. How I felt before and after the experiment
  5. The benefits of celery juice
  6. My favourite juicers
  7. Practical tips if you’re considering doing a similar cleanse
  8. Why I stopped drinking celery juice⁣
  9. What I would do differently next time

I also post more photos of my skin before and after the celery juice experiment.

Links & Resources

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2. Read the full blog post about my 30-day celery juice challenge journeytoglow.com/30-day-celery-juice-challenge-clear-skin

3. My interview with Muneeza Ahmed on healing acne and rosacea with the Medical Medium protocol journeytoglow.com/20

4. Download the free guide My Skin Is In Crisis, Now What?

5. Download the free guide Essential Radiance: My Top 5 Essential Oils For Radiant Skin

6. Read about why I decided to stop driking alcohol journeytoglow.com/why-i-stopped-drinking-alcohol



My skin is in crisis, now what?

6 simple & effective steps to help you navigate your skin crisis

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