JTG #61 How Acne Prompted This Founder To Start Her Own Skincare Brand

Dominique Caron Apoterra Journey To Glow podcast interview

JTG #61 How Acne Prompted This Founder To Start Her Own Skincare Brand

In this podcast episode we talk to the founder of Apoterra Skincare Dominique Caron about growing an organic skincare brand built on sustainability and heart-centred values.

Tune into the beginning of the episode for a reminder that now, more than ever, is the time to take the healing process into our own hands, to learn how to support immunity naturally from the inside out and to support holistic practitioners in their work.

About our guest:

Perpetually stuck in the cycle of hormonal acne flare ups, red acne marks, and flaky dry skin, Dominique Caron found an answer to her troublesome complexion in her natural and holistic skincare line, Apoterra. The certified aromatherapist (NAHA and AIA approved), herbalist (trained by Ursula Basch, BChE), and daughter of a family physician, founded Apoterra Skincare (formerly Caru Skincare Co) in 2012 after hopelessly searching for affordable, natural and sustainable skincare that was effective for her dry, sensitive skin.

“Apoterra started as a solution to my own skin care woes. I wanted clear, radiant skin that ages gracefully but I didn’t want to use products that were bad for my health or the environment. I couldn’t find some, so I made my own.

Through my research and product trials, I have learned that plants are very well designed to care for our skin and bodies, which is why I formulate all our products with whole plants, oils and natural actives. I also learned that when it comes to natural, plant powered skincare, freshness is a key factor to potency – you can’t use a product that is 3 years old and expect results. That is why I created our batch # system and freshness guarantee.

Beyond my skin care needs, I am also extremely motivated by climate change and pollution, and so almost every decision I make from the clothes I buy, to which type of cucumber I pick at the grocery store, to how I run my business is affected by my desire to see our planet healthy and sustainably managed. I truly believe in respecting the natural cycle, and do our part to make our environmental footprint small.”

In this podcast episode, Dominique Caron and Journey To glow host Caroline Frenette talk about:

  • The importance of fresh, organic ingredients in skincare
  • Apoterra’s sustainability efforts
  • The challenges of running a small business during a pandemic
  • Skincare as a ritual to connect to Self

To learn more about Apoterra please visit apoterra.com and instagram.com/apoterraskincare


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