JTG #43 Managing Eczema In Babies & Children
With The Eczema Expert Rebecca Bonneteau 

JTG #43 Managing Eczema in Babies & Children With Naturopath & Eczema Expert Rebecca Bonneteau

Fact: 1 in 4 children has eczema, but the great news is Rebecca Bonneteau decided to do something about it. In this episode of the Journey To Glow podcast we talk to The Eczema Expert Rebecca Bonneteau about managing eczema in babies & children.

About our guest:

Rebecca Bonneteau N.D. was born with chronic eczema and after spending many years learning how to support her body so she could take control of her condition naturally she now focuses her work helping others do the same. She wants to make sure that no child grows up thinking that they can’t take control of their eczema.

She has set out to, first and foremost, support parents who are trying to move away from the reliance on medication. The path to taking control of eczema is not a short one, making support the number one thing you need on this journey so her priority was to set up a network of parents who all wanted to learn and support one another.

In this episode, Journey To Glow host Caroline Frenette and The Eczema Expert cover:

  • Rebecca’s journey to glow
  • What’s happening with your immune system when you have eczema
  • The hormone-eczema connection
  • The importance of a good sleep cycle for kids and what to do when the eczema keeps your child awake scratching
  • The crucial role of the lymphatic system when you have eczema
  • How to improve the lymphatic system and move out “waste”
  • Looking at poop for clues on what’s happening in the system
  • Benefits of saunas + dry brushing
  • How to protect your skin in the sauna if you have rosacea
  • Dry brushing and essential oils
  • What happens when you use steroids cream for eczema and suddenly stop
  • Essential oils for eczema and self-care
  • Tea versus tinctures versus supplements for clear skin
  • Should you use essential oils if you have eczema?


1. “We need to shift our thinking when it comes to skin issues to realize our body is actually working, doing its job moving excess toxins and trying to heal.”

2. “It’s important to shift our thinking from beating ourselves up for having skin issues and instead, learn to ask: what is my skin trying to say?”

3. “Learn to work with the body instead of suppressing it.”

Links & Resources

Rebecca’s website The Eczema Expert

Rebecca’s Facebook Group

The Medical Medium Protocol For Acne With Intuitive Medicine Woman Muneeza Ahmed
Episode 20 Part 1
Episode 21 Part 2

Book: Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de La Forêt

Health & Welness books Caroline recommends

Essential oils mentioned in this episode:

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1. Slim & Sassy (the metabolic blend)
2. Zendocrine (the detox blend)
3. Basil Essential Oil (for adrenals, skin irritation, immune function)
4. Helichrysum (my absolute go to for clear, glowing skin)
5. Geranium (another great option for beautiful skin)
6. Neroli (I call it the Goddess oil for it’s transformative and healing power)


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