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Experience the healing properties of pure, plant botanicals infused in skin-nourishing, organic oils formulated specifically for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.

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JTG #15 Clean Beauty & Organic Skincare With Becca Tetzlaff

In this episode of the Journey To Glow podcast we talk to Becca Tetzlaff about clean beauty, organic skincare and healing acne naturally.

Acne was something Becca struggled with on and off throughout her life. After trying countless “miracle” products that just didn’t work, she began doing research and discovered that to heal her skin, she’d have to do something different.

Becca began researching and becoming aware of what she was putting in and on her body. Almost everything she was doing and eating was toxic and unhealthy. Her hormones were out of whack and her gut was unhealthy.

That’s when Becca embarked on a healthy, clean, and organic lifestyle and now she shares her discoveries through her blog

About my guest…

Becca is a blogger, podcaster, wife, and dog mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s on a mission to get the word out about chemicals found in our everyday items like makeup, food, and personal care products. She provides education on ways you can live a more holistic life and easy swaps you can make in your routine to naturally safer products.

In this episode, Becca Tetzlaff and Journey To Glow host Caroline Frenette talk about:

  1. Clean beauty & organic skincare
  2. How getting off the pill resulted in full blown cystic acne and what Becca did to heal her skin
  3. Connecting the dots between diet, stress, skincare and acne
  4. What is greenwashing
  5. the 5 chemical ingredients to avoid in your skincare and beauty products
  6. Simple and practical tips to live more sustainably

If you enjoyed this episode you will love episode #18 with green beauty expert Kristen Arnett.

Links & Resources

1. Becca’s website

2. Connect with Becca on Instagram

3. Becca’s Positively Green podcast

4. Think Dirty app

5. The Skin Deep data base to identify the level of toxicity of ingredients in your products

6. Shop The Detox Market Canada  or The Detox Market USA 

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