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JTG #42 Sanara Skincare Founder Rebekah Jensen

JTG #42 Sanara Skincare Founder Rebekah Jensen

In this sponsored podcast interview I’m welcoming Sanara Skincare founder Rebekah Jensen to share with us her journey to glow.

Rebekah Jensen is the founder of Sanara, a plant-based skincare line that celebrates indigenous Latin American botanicals. Rebekah has been living with Psoriasis since her teens and it wasn’t until her 30’s that she began to understand the impact the products she was putting onto her skin.

She began DIYing her own skincare in her kitchen and eventually sold all her dining room furniture so she could turn it into her test lab. It was through this skin self-discovery that she felt a pull from her ancestors to begin researching ingredients her Latin American ancestors have been using for centuries. It was then Rebekah turned her passion for plant-based skincare into her mission sharing the beautiful botanicals native to Latin America.

She discovered ingredients not commonly used like Cupuaçu that is native to the Amazon that is two times more hydrating than Shea butter. Hydration and moisturization is vital to those that live with Psoriasis and it was discoveries like Cupuaçu that she knew she was on the right track.

It was years of seeing results and sharing what she was doing that she started Sanara. Sanara comes from the Spanish word, sanará which mean, “you will heal”. Rebekah wishes not only to help bring healing to those with skin conditions or sensitive skin but to share the beautiful botanical bounty of Latin America.

In this episode of the podcast Journey To Glow founder Caroline Frenette talks to Sanara Skincare creator Rebekah Jensen:

  • How a diagnosis of eczema impacted Rebekah’s journey to glow
  • How Sanara skincare came about
  • The mission behind Sanara
  • Ingredients to avoid if you have eczema or psoriasis
  • Soothing ingredients to favor if you have a flare-up
  • Rebeka’s upcoming partnership with Spas to revolutionaize treatments for people with skin issues

If you enjoyed this interview, you will also enjoy podcast #26 with skincare formulator Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations and author of the best-selling book Renegade Beauty.

Links & Resources

1. Sanara Skincare sanaraskincare.com

2. Follow Sanara on instagram.com/sanaraskincare

3. Sanara on Facebook facebook.com/sanaraskincare

4. Sanara on Pinterest pinterest.ca/sanaraskincare

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