The Emotional Root Cause of Rosacea

emotional root cause of rosacea

Have you ever considered that what is manifesting as rosacea on your face could be the result of past emotional traumas?

I’m currently exploring this with an incredible Guide; a medicine woman who happens to be an expert in uncovering the emotional root cause of a “dis-ease”.

When she told me the emotional root cause of rosacea, something in me clicked” and a series of events flashed before my eyes. 

In less than 2 sessions, I was able to identify pivotal moments in my life that laid the foundation for rosacea to manifest in my life. 

After 3 years of diving deep into root cause medicine, specifically functional &  naturopathic medicine, THIS is the work I’ve been avoiding even though it’s been gently and consistently tapping on the window of my consciousness.

Tap, tap…

Synchronicity led me to this Guide and thanks to the transformative space she creates, I’m having so many a-ha moments.

I’m hesitant to say what she shared about the emotional root cause of rosacea, instead, I’d like to hear what YOU think it is.

Feel free to share in the comments of this Instagram post.

Caroline, xo

PS: The healing I’m experiencing through my work with this Guide is so profound that I’d like to share it with you. So, this summer, we’re thinking of taking on a small group of folx who’d like to explore the root cause of skin “dis-ease” and how to create the (inner) space to experience healing of their WHOLE BEING. If you’d like to be invited to this exploratory deep dive into emotional root cause medicine, join the waitlist and I’ll be in touch.

Discover the emotional root cause of rosacea

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