Digital Courses To Uplift
Your Mind, Body & Soul

Digital Courses To Uplift Your Mind, Body & Soul

One of the things that’s helped me most on my journey to glow is taking time for myself and indulging in much-needed self-care. One of my favorite self-care ritual is to cozy up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and dive into a digital course that uplifts my heart and Soul.

Unfortunately, not all digital courses are created equal.  So when I find a platform with high quality, beautifully produced courses taught by expert teachers, I like to share it with my friends!
Here, you’ll find a round up of courses that will support you in your life, your health and on your journey to glow.



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Affiliate links are one of the ways I pay for my time which enables me to create free content for Journey To Glow. Thank you for your support.


Featured Course

Women should never feel at the mercy of their hormones.

Clearer skin. Less bloating. Easier periods. Fewer hot flashes. More restful sleep. Better sex. Yes, it can be that good when your hormones are in check. This course covers key information from puberty to menopause and will serve you through ALL the seasons of your life as a woman.


Hacking Your Healthcare with Dr. Mark Hyman | Begin your journey to optimal wellness.

In Hacking Your Healthcare, world-renowned Dr. Mark Hyman acts as your Functional Medicine guide, teaching you how to be an active participant at the doctor’s office.

He upends the current failed approach of treating symptoms and instead seeks out the root causes for illness. You’ll discover how and why illness occurs and, most importantly, the path to better health.

If you listen to the Journey to Glow podcast you’ve heard me mention Dr. Hyman a million times! I listen to his podcast religiously and I’m so excited he partnered with One Commune to create this amazing course.

The medical system won’t fix itself. This course will help you transform you healthcare which is EXACTLY what we’re about here on Journey to Glow!


Live in a Beautiful State with Preethaji |Walk out of anxiety, loneliness, and stress

The meditation practices and philosophy in this course will help you dissolve the suffering state and instead cultivate a beautiful state in which you are not separate, you are not alienated, but instead you expand to include others. In this beautiful state you experience peace, joy, and calm. You feel more connected to life, you feel expanded, you are present. There is no inner clutter and no inner noise.

I had the pleasure of trying out the meditations in this course and I have to say that thay have rekindled my meditation practice.

Meditating, even if only 5 to 10 minutes, has had a huge impact on my state of mind and I know that it will help you find that inner peace you seek.


The Desire Map Course with Danielle LaPorte

Here’s the strategy: Always start in the heart.

What old world healers have known, science is now proving. Our emotions lead our biology — having a profound effect on our heart rhythms, brain chemistry, and the myriad of systems they control. Stress brings chaos in the heart, positivity brings calm and steadiness.

When we “think” with our hearts, we build our lives from a cellular level. It’s the ultimate self-agency — and it generates what we’re all wanting: joy, peace, and ultimately, a more loving world.

You’ll find it beneficial to Desire Map once or twice a year: your birthday, the New Year, big transitions, so you can refresh and stay connected to your Core Desired Feelings.

Danielle’s delivery is both practical and poetic, so after you’ve gone through the course the first time, you’ll probably find yourself dropping into a video here and there for comfort and clarity. Since Desire Mapping is a life practice, we’ve built this course in a way that you can keep tapping into it for how-to’s and encouragement.

Danielle sets up every exercise with a philosophical overview and offers pointers for each component and its companion worksheet.

From deep inquiry to imaginal exercises, there are 24 worksheets in total + 3 tear-out cue cards for some of the key practices. You can download each individually.


Learn to Human Better with Lauren Handel Zander

How to get out of your own way and turn your dreams into reality.

When we hear “personal integrity,” we think of how honest and reliable we are with others. But what about your commitment to you?

When it comes to dreams, too many of us take the easy way out — justifying failure, fudging goals, and “doing the best we can.” But what if personal integrity is about being absolutely true to ourselves, getting honest with what we want, and going after it with everything we’ve got?

Join Lauren Handel Zander as she breaks down excuses and forces us to live to our fullest potential, teaching us how to be better humans in the process.

No more excuses. Dream big and live it.


Good Mood Food with Jason Wrobel

Are you ready to take control of food’s effect on your emotions?

You are invited to Good Mood Food a 10-day course that grounds you in the science while also getting you in the kitchen. Learn recipes to help you breakfast for success, regulate mood swings, and eat on the go. Jason also teaches you how to time meals to maximize energy, how to prepare the mind and body for sleep, and how to tune in to food’s subtle effects on your biochemistry.

Optimize brain health, boost your energy, improve sleep quality, approach food with mindfulness , eat the right kinds of fat, uncover nutrient deficiencies, develop healthy, tasty recipes from scratch and feel good, consistently!


Clean Beauty with Dr. Joy Reese & Sophie Jaffe

There are 80,000+ consumer chemicals in use. Most have not been adequately tested for their effects on your health.

Did you know that the ingredient “Natural Fragrance” can hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals from a product label? Or that buzzwords like ‘organic’, ‘pure’ or ‘eco’ have no set standards in the cosmetics industry?

Join us for a 10-day journey to demystify your beauty regimen from seed to skin. Learn how to choose a skincare and beauty routine that is ecologically sustainable, nourishes your body, and supports your holistic wellbeing. Connect with industry insiders to learn the truth about how your products are made and what that means for your health over the long term. Stop wondering if certain products are right for you and step into a beauty routine that is simply, naturally beautiful.


The Work of Byron Katie

Byron Katie became severely depressed while in her thirties. Over a ten-year period, her depression deepened, and for the last two years, Katie was seldom able to leave her bedroom. Then one morning, from the depths of despair, she experienced a life-changing realization. Katie saw that when she believed her thoughts, she suffered; when she didn’t believe her thoughts, she didn’t suffer. What had been causing her depression was not the world around her, but what she believed about the world around her. In a flash of insight, The Work was born.


The Skin Rebalancing Protocol

The Rebalancing Skin Protocol was created by Sara Sumic a molecular biologist + active scientist of nearly 10 years and former acne sufferer turned skincare coach. 

Sara has helped hundreds of women bring their skin back to its healthy balance by teaching them simple but effectve principles about skincare that promotes clear, youthful and glowing skin.

The Rebalancing Skin Protocol is a step-by-step guide to creating a science-based, non-toxic skincare routine that heals ADULT acne and promotes clear, glowing skin.

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