About Journey To Glow

I’m Caroline (hi!), the founder of Journey To Glow.

I’ve been living with rosacea for 10+ years, and about 18 months ago, I decided it was time to do something about it.

As I consulted with naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, estheticians, nutritional experts and health coaches, I became frustrated with all of the different opinions and advice on how to heal or treat rosacea.

After spending thousands of dollars on treatments and expensive beauty products — and being nowhere near my goal of having clear skin — I realized that, in order to heal what turns out is a complex skin imbalance, I’d have to become a detective so that I could make informed and empowered choices that work for me. I would have to educate myself so that I could truly understand what my skin was trying to tell me.

Leaning on my intuition was also going to be key as I sifted through the abundant yet often contradictory information.

Needless to say, it’s been a journey. But surprisingly, it’s been a profoundly nurturing and enlightening one!

Through my research, I realized that there are millions of women who suffer from rosacea (wait, what? I’m not alone?), and I’ve been hearing from many that they suffer from depression and struggle to love themselves.

This breaks my heart as I know that self-love is a crucial component of healing.

Suddenly, a deep calling woke up in me, and I knew I had to use my skills as a coach and online business strategist to put together a support system for women who, like me, wanted to get their glow back and live their best lives.

And Journey To Glow was born…

My intention through Journey to Glow is crystal clear: to empower women, like you, to take the healing process into their own hands, to become well-informed about the options available to heal rosacea other than allopathic medicine, to become knowledgeable about the toxicity of mainstream skincare products and supported to make the lifestyle changes that’ll unveil their radiant skin

So, to support this community, I’m launching the Journey To Glow podcast, which will feature experts in the field of holistic medicine and green beauty. I’m also creating a Youtube channel where I’m going to share my own journey in healing rosacea but also my best tips to reduce stress, learn how to tap into your intuition and awaken your inner healer. We are, after all, magical beings with unlimited potential. My job? Is to remind you of that.

As a Capricorn with many planets in Sagittarius, I believe in a practical, down-to-earth approach to healing.

But I also believe that healing is very much an inside-out job, so unless we’re willing to look within for the true causes of this skin imbalance, we’re never going to experience full and complete healing. So, whatever is buried deep down in your unconscious (old hurts, old wounds, old beliefs) will have to be brought into the light; only there will it be shifted and transformed completely.

Understanding the root cause of stress (and how to eliminate it) is also a crucial part of the conversation. (Turns out that, as a certified Advanced Transformative coach, this is my expertise. So you’re in good hands.)

So, on JourneytoGlow.com, you’ll find guided meditations and beautiful visualizations designed help you tap into your inner power, self-love, and compassion.

My intention is for you to feel empowered, to remind you that beauty is an inside-out job — that you are already beautiful no matter what your skin looks like! — and that you can make simple but impactful changes that will enable you to look and feel AMAZING.

Caroline Frenette
Founder Journey To Glow

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